Exotic Game Hunting in African Safari Style

McClain Lodge Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?
McClain Lodge Hunting is located just minutes outside of the city Florence, MS at 113 Rice Road.

2. Do you offer airport pickup?

3. Can I spend the night at the lodge?
Yes, our packages include lodging. Guests may spend the night for $200/night (also includes 3 meals/day).

4. What methods of hunting do you provide?
We have luxury stands.

Frequently Asked Question About McClain Lodge Hunting

5. Is a license required?

6. Do you allow bow hunters and/or cross bow hunters?
No, we do not allow bow hunting at McClain Lodge Hunting

7. What weapons do you allow?

8. What are your seasons to hunt?
We are allowed to hunt the non-native year round.

9. What if I do not get a shot?
Our professional guides will provide the opportunity to shoot an animal.

10. Are kids allowed?
Yes, we encourage you to bring your children to participate. We always stress safety, hunting, ethics, and protection of our natural resources. There’s nothing like involving the family in your favorite sport.

11. Who cleans the game I shoot?
Our professional staff takes care of the game for you.

12. What about taxidermy?
Included in your daily fee, we will cape the animal out for your taxidermist, or you may take it with you.



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