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Hunters Liability Release and Indemnification Agreement

Name__________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Hunter, has purchased a hunt from McClain Lodge.

HUNTER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD MCCLAIN LODGE HARMLESS AGAINST ALL CLAIMS, DEMANDS, DAMAGES, COSTS AND EXPENSES, including attorney’s fees for the defense thereof, arising from Hunter’s activities on or around the property at any time, whether before, during, or after the hunt, EVEN IF the claim, demand, damage, cost or expense is CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF MCCLAIN LODGE.

HUNTER FURTHER RELEASES MCCLAIN LODGE FROM ALL LIABILITY he may otherwise owe to Hunter, his heirs, survivors, beneficiaries or assignees FOR ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY, INLUDING DEATH, that the Hunter suffers while on the property at any time, whether before, during, or after the hunt. This release applies to all injuries or damages which may be suffered by the Hunter, his heirs, survivors, beneficiaries or assigns, EVEN IF CAUSED in whole or in part BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF MCCLAIN LODGE. Hunter acknowledges that this release of liability does not affect any claims he might have for gross negligence or willful conduct of McClain Lodge.

Hunter acknowledges that hunting activities on property such as McClain Lodge on which he will be hunting can result in injury or damage to the person doing those activities as well as others. There are many possibilities and sources of injury or damages and they are acknowledged by Hunter and he comes upon the property with full knowledge of such hazards. Furthermore, Hunter agrees that all photos or videotape footage taken of Hunter during his stay is the sole property of McClain Lodge and may be used for marketing and other purposes as directed by McClain Lodge without compensation to Hunter.

The term McClain Lodge used in this agreement covers and includes Ronald and Joni McClain and their agents, employees, family members, heirs, devisee, and beneficiaries, as well as any other persons or entities for whom Ronald or Joni McClain are acting as agents or trustees, and any other person or entity owning any interest in the property on which the Hunter will be hunting, all of whom are included in this Release and Indemnification Agreement.

Hunter has read this document and understands it. He or she is signing it freely and voluntarily.


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